How to Construct a Greenhouse


How to Build a Greenhouse
What is a greenhouse? It is a structure that offers a microclimate, which is ideal for plant growing. A greenhouse may be used for plant germination or to house them throughout their productive life. Building a greenhouse may look complicated, although it is just an easy affair. Here is how to build greenhouses, step by step.

Step 1: Choose Your Location

Depending with your location, choose an area that is either North or South for adequate and reliable sunlight. Ensure that other structures are to the Greenhouse’s North.

Give priority to locations with the morning sun, not the afternoon sun. An all-day sun is preferable, but morning sun increases your plants’ growth rate.

Pay much attention to winter and summer sun, since winter sun can easily be blocked by structures and trees.

Choose an area with access to electricity

Pick an area that is well drained.

Step 2: Choose a Structure

Measure your location: Ensue that the size is carefully chosen. Large greenhouses cost much than smaller ones, although the standard size is 8 by 6 feet. You may get some people to help you in erecting the structure.

If your preferred area is against a building, make a lean structure so that the remaining wall is used as support.

Construct a Quonset Frame, which is a domed ceiling made with PVC tubing or steel.

Choose a rigid frame, which requires a frame and a foundation. You may buy a greenhouse plan or get someone to build it for you.

Step 3: Choose Your Covering Materials

Use a UV-stabilized polythene or a nontoxic LDPE and always replace the plastic film when needed.

Hard and double walled plastics like corrugated polycarbonates or Plexiglas are preferable because they have a higher light transparency.

If your greenhouse is framed, use fiberglass, which costs less than glass.

If you want the greenhouse to accentuate your garden/house, use glass because it is expensive to replace, it rarely needs replacement.

Step 4: Constructing the Frame

Using strings along the ground, measure where you would wish the support to be set.

Use a rebar to reinforce the frame. You may also use a non-toxic variant or some PVC.

Pour some gravel on the ground evenly. The choice of loose and small gravel is preferable as it facilitates drainage.

Treat wood before using it and remember to use food friendly treatments.

Seal your covering to the frame closely to allow you to bolt the film to the wood.

Step 5: Temperature Control

Place the fans on the greenhouse’s corners and ensure that they are diagonal for adequate airflow.

On the ceiling of your greenhouse, install some vents.

If possible, install an electric heater to act as a backup to the solar heater.

If you are using some glass-frame in your greenhouse, install a good forced-air system.

Install 2-4 thermostats and thermometers to minimize the effects of a breakdown.

Step 6: Additional Planning

Understand the planting conditions of your plants.

Make sure you have a steady supply of water.

Inside the greenhouse, make some raised beds.

A greenhouse is easy to construct and maintain, dedication and hard work is all that you need, and the returns will be incredible.

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